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Great company for Inca trail

Sky High Andes

Experts in Peru, Andes, Machu Picchu and Inca trail

I am an independent mountaineering guide, native of the United States. I live in Cusco with my joyful wife Kerly Salamanca (Peruvian). In 2011 I moved to Cusco, Peru looking for adventure and intent on climbing the highest, most difficult mountains the area had to offer. I had climbed Ausangate in 2010 and was surprised to see that in Cusco there was no mountaineering culture like in Huaraz and the Cordillera Blanca where I had climbed for a few seasons.

The ranges of Cusco felt different, more adventurous, like they extended into timeless, forgotten places at the ends of the earth and the amazon. Legends of the Apus descended from ancient times giving the people a more mystical view in respect to the mountains. But despite having all these wonderful peaks, most all the tourism in Cusco is dedicated to conventional activities.

Some adventure options are available like downhill biking, zip lining or rafting but there was almost no information on mountaineering in Cusco at that time. I saw the potential there was and decided to be the first to pioneer the development of the sport in Cusco.

Toubkal trekking

Toubkal Trekking

Trekking in Atlas mountains

Mohamed & Mustapha are the driving force behind is one of the most experienced mountain guides in Morocco, he obtained his Diploma from the Centre for professional guides CFAMM from Tabant. He has been working in trekking and tourism since the very beginning in the 1970s . He was born in the village of Imlil and had been working with many Moroccan Travel companies based in Marrakech.

Mohamed not only offers years of experience in organising visits to the mountains and deserts of Morocco, but is also a man of the mountains who believes strongly in offering his guests a genuine and value for money experience without intermediaries. By booking direct you not only benefit from lower prices, that does not include travel agency commissions, but you get to deal direct with the provider of all the services that go to make your visit possible.

No false promises and no passing the buck if things go wrong and at the same time the reaussurance that you are working with a fully licensed mountain guide.

We can cater for those planning a trip to the Atlas Mountains, from basic one day guided treks to full package treks, including transport to the area, lodging, food, guides, mules, tents, entertainment and much more. We are able to suggest programs to meet the requirements of our visitors based on the number of days available, number of group members (from sole travellers to large groups), difficultly of treks, level of food and accommodation required, etc.

We hope this is helpful. We look forward to receiving further details of your proposed trip and we hope to welcome you to the magnificent High Atlas Mountains.

Great company for Nepal and Everest Baseacamp

Mega Adventures

Adventures in Nepal

Mega Adventures International (MAI) heralds a new beginning in the tourism sector in Nepal. Managed and run by a dedicated and seasoned TEAM of tourism professionals, our SERVICES include virtually everything vis-à-vis tourism and hospitality management -ranging from mountaineering, trekking and tours to filming. We also organize tours in Tibet, Bhutan and India. As a part of our corporate responsibility, we are also involved in a plethora of social projects.

Safari HQ


Trekking and safari in Tanzania

Have you always wanted to visit Africa? This stunning place is home to an abundance of wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. African wildlife safari tours are a great way to take in the sights and sounds of the country while remaining both safe and comfortable. SafariHQ are committed to providing high quality travel adventures with personalised service. Unlike other companies, we are not just tour booking agents, we own and operate our very own safari business and safari vehicles in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, enabling us to plan and execute East African safari tours from start to finish with comprehensive knowledge, local experience and seamless professionalism.

At SafariHQ, the travel options are endless

We offer a great range of travel options to suit most needs, so anyone and everyone can join in. If you are looking to travel on a budget, our camping safaris are an excellent option. This particular tour includes the benefit of being able to actually stay within the national parks so that you can get closer to nature. If you are looking for an East Africa safari and wildlife tour with some added comfort, our classic or luxury safari tour options are both great choices. If you are looking for an adventure that will challenge you physically, our African trekking safaris are a great option. Whether you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or visit an active volcano, we will be able to guide you. Taking in the sights of Tanzania, our African trekking safaris are exciting, yet safe and run in a very professional manner. In addition to these exciting tours of East Africa, private safari tour options are also available to suit those who may be looking to plan a honeymoon. We also run flying safaris for those with limited time, and senior safaris that take on a more relaxed pace. We also offer an extensive list of optional activities, so you can customise your trip to suit your interests.


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